Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery A precise surgical treatment for skin cancers in which the cancer is removed in stages. Each tissue layer is removed, and then examined under the microscope by the Mohs surgeon to determine if and where the cancer cells have extended past the layers removed. Additional layers of tissue are removed only in the area where the cancer is still present. This allows the preservation of normal, healthy skin surrounding the cancer. Once the cancer is removed, the Mohs surgeon will perform the most appropriate repair of the wound, depending on the area being treated.

How Do I Know If I Need Mohs Surgery?

Dr. Berkowitz will help you to determine whether your skin cancer needs Mohs surgery for removal. Mohs surgery is often recommended for skin cancers in areas where preserving healthy tissue for the most optimal cosmetic result is important, in recurrent skin cancers, in rapidly growing skin cancers, in aggressive subtypes of skin cancers, in certain patients based on their medical history, in cancers with borders that are difficult to define and in other instances when recommended by a dermatologist.

Does Mohs Surgery Require General Anesthesia?

No, it’s performed as an outpatient procedure, using only local anesthetic. It generally takes a few hours, though the exact timing of the procedure may be determined by your Mohs surgeon at your initial consultation. Most Mohs surgeries are completed in 1-3 stages, but sometimes the cancer spreads farther than expected and more stages are required for the complete removal.

What Are The Advantages Of Mohs Surgery?

The greatest advantage of Mohs surgery is the skin cancer is removed completely after the Mohs surgery. The healthy borders are determined with certainty and the skin cancer is removed surgically. It’s accepted as the most effective technique for removing Basal Cell Carcinomas and Squamous Cell Carcinomas (BCCs and SCCs.) and has a cure rate of 95 to 97{ba86ad04260e98682adff8a92b2e0a1cd1d94f3497fe076f88d64daab2b9695e}. By far, this is much more effective than the cure rate for a regular excision of a skin cancer.
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