dr_philosophyEric Berkowitz MD PC: Our focus is total-body dermatological health.
Whether the condition is medical or aesthetic in nature, Dr. Berkowitz believes that sound overall health is the key to healthy, vibrant skin and employs the latest technological, nutritional, and pharmaceutical means to help you attain or maintain it. He sees skin care as a crucial component of that condition and has developed an approach that addresses a full-range of patient issues whether they require medical, surgical or aesthetic treatment or, in some cases, all three. Dr. Berkowitz views you as a whole and cares for you in a comprehensive manner: the root cause of an ailment is addressed as well as its physical manifestation. Your treatment is tailored to your particular lifestyle, health, and response to the prescribed regimen. Motivated by the strong conviction that no one should have to suffer the stigma or discomfort of a skin condition, Dr. Berkowitz has expertise and training that is complemented by his compassionate and caring demeanor.

Eric Berkowitz MD PC: We believe in open dialogue and will partner with you to achieve your optimum skin health.