Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis


A chronic, reoccurring skin condition that’s exceptionally itchy and uncomfortable. The rash starts as an itch that leads to redness and scaly patches often with erosions and thickening of the skin. Eczema is an exceptionally common skin disorder affecting children and adults.

What Causes Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis:

Commonly begins in infancy and is usually associated with a personal or family history of allergy and asthma. It is thought to be caused by a barrier dysfunction by stripping away the body’s natural protective layer leading to increased sensitivity and ultimately immune overreaction.

Management Strategy:

Treatment is tailored to the patient’s age, lifestyle and extent of the disease. Education and intervention are integral to decreasing flare-ups and the overall course of the disease. Medications (topical and oral), nutritional support, and light-based therapy are useful in controlling the condition.